Why buy this bike

Advantages of this cargo bike compared to others

Children are in front of you, so you can see them. We believe this is better and safer than when children are behind you. – – The wooden box makes is more solid than the bike trailers. The box of the Big model is big, and up to 4 children can fit, or 2 kids with groceries, or a large dog and 3 small dogs, and so on!

What you can do with this bike:

KIDS transport
It’s the ideal way to bring your kids to school, daycare, swim class or the playground. It’s fun, they love it and very safe. The bikes have a bench with special kid belts, so you’re sure they can’t move. Because you have the kids in front of you, they are within your sight and you are always sure what they are doing. Talk with them along the way and enjoy the ride!

Taking the car is in the city not necessary anymore. A bike is healthier and as fast! And no problems parking.

DOG transport
Take your dog(s)to the park very easily. The urban environment can be less convenient for taking a long nice walk with your dog. Now you can safely and easily drive to the park and bring the dog the freedom it needs.

GOODS transport
Bagel shops who deliver at location, Gardeners, City transporters are some examples of companies or people who use cargobikes to transport goods. The cargo bike can take up to 100KG/220 LBS in the box. Virtually anything you want to take with you that fits in the box is possible.


Everybody is watching you! Cars stop to ask you where you bought it and everybody smiles even more at your kids.