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How bike friendly is your city?

How bike friendly is your city? According to CNN, the dutch city of Utrecht is the most bike friendly city in the world (50% of all journeys take place by bike). We are delighted to see that many mayors in the USA are creating a more bike friendly city. Dutch local governments welcome anyone to show how they are doing it!

Cargo Bikes Are the New Ice Cream Truck

Ice Cargo Bike

Cargo Bikes Are the New Ice Cream Truck

Oswalds Isbar
If you’re a regular reader of Copenhagenize, you’ve probably seen us blog a photo or two of cargo bike vendors. The ice cream bar is, hands down, one of my favorite cargo bikes to see cruising around town.

With bicycle culture, and now cargo bike culture, emerging around the world it’s refreshing to see examples from cities that aren’t Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Here’s one straight out of Winnipeg, Canada: The Dickie Dee Ice Cream company.

Having been to wonderful wintry Winnipeg recently for the Kickstand Sessions it’s hard to imagine ever getting a hankering for an eskimo pie or a popsicle. Nevertheless, after being founded in 1959, Dickie Dee rode their way to the top – becoming one of the largest vending companies in North America – selling creamsicles and ice cream sandwiches straight from the front of their fiberglass cooler box cargo bikes.

Here’s to hoping we hear a few more of those handle bar bells jingling around town.

This article is from: www.copenhagenize.com

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Dear customer,

Cargo Bikes and the environment

Our Dutch cargo bikes are giving many families in the United States a wonderful feeling when making trips on the bike with their kids or pets. We know how important it is to get people on bikes and out of their car to create a healthy environment. Since many clients have already offered us to support in promoting the cargo bike, we would like to offer you a new way to contribute to this greater cause. In addition, we provide you a possibility to reduce the cost of your own cargo bike.


We are providing our former and current customers to get a $100 refund for every neighbour, friend, shop owner or person who is buying a bike thanks to your referral. That’s right, for every referral! So your cargo bike can even become a free cargo bike.

How does it work?

We keep it simple. Just let the person order a bike online and mention your referral! They can add your name and delivery address in the notes section during the ordering process. Alternatively, they can also send an email to us with this information after the order was placed. Once we have shipped the order, we provide your $100 refund per bike via Paypal to your bank account. 

How can we assist you?

To assist you in promotion, we can send you cargo bike stickers for your cargo bike. You can also share this message to all your friends you can post this message on facebook or any other networking site.

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Babboe Cargo Bike Sale


CARGO BIKE FOR SALE -The Babboe cargo bike is a combined effort of a number of Dutch parents who wanted to have a cargo bike, but thought they were too expensive. As a result, they decided to develop their own top quality, yet affordable, cargo bike. The first Babboe cargo bikes were produced and sold in 2007 in the Netherlands. We have listened carefully to other parents and customers, and we are constantly on the lookout for product improvements and new (accessory) ideas. In Holland, Denmark and several other European countries many parents and dog lovers have a trendy ‘bakfiets’ to get around easily and safely In the Netherlands over 20,000 Babboe bikes have been sold and the Babboe is now the number one selling quality AND budget cargo bike. Every trendy family has one.

We took our own ‘bakfiets’ from the Netherlands. This is the Dutch cargobike that most parents in The Netherlands use to bring their children to daycare, school, swim classes, playground, grocery or just to enjoy being outside. We loved cycling in Somerville and Boston on this cargo trike. We could get around easily and safely with our kids, instead of always have to take the car or walk. We wanted other people to have this same wonderful feeling on a sunny day. And don’t worry about hills, it has 7 gears! We know how important it is for a city to get people on bikes and out of the car. This helps create a green city and a more healthy environment. The team at myamsterdambike.com thinks this wonderful bike contributes to this greater cause.  And at the same time you can transport your children, pets or groceries safely!

WSJ – Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon

WSJ Cargo Bike

Cargo Bikes: The New Station Wagon

Cargo bikes are winning over casual and avid cyclists alike with one supersize feature: the ability to haul it all—from the groceries to the family that eats them

ON A RECENT SUNDAY, Brandon Jones, a 44-year-old fund manager at 9W Capital Management, traveled from his home in downtown Manhattan with his wife and two children to meet friends for brunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They were heading to Reynard, the popular restaurant in the neighborhood’s fashionable Wythe Hotel, where Manhattan-bound Town Cars regularly idle on the street outside.


But Mr. Jones did not drive. Nor did he take the subway. Instead, he piloted his two children via the deck of his Yuba Mundo, a so-called “longtail” cargo bike. (His wife rode her own bike.) Picture a mountain bike, but with a stouter frame and smaller wheels, stretched out and lowered in the back. “We actually beat our friends who drove back to TriBeCa,” Mr. Jones said. While Mr. Jones does garage a BMW X5 SUV, his car rarely sees daylight within the city limits. Rather, for daily trips like the mile-and-a-half commute from TriBeCa to his children’s school in Greenwich Village, he simply hops on another kind of SUV—one that actually includes a bit of sport.

Mr. Jones’s choice is becoming an increasingly popular one in the U.S. The country’s biggest seller of the Yuba Mundo is Joe Bike, a Portland, Ore., store specializing in “high-performance urban, utility and touring bikes.” The owner, Joe Doebele, said that when he began carrying cargo bikes—a catchall term covering a variety of bike styles built for functional hauling—five years ago, he thought they would be for just that, cargo. “But parents, mostly moms, were the ones who were buying them,” he said. “It quickly became a family bike.”