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Cargo bicycles are not easy to get hold of in the USA. Easy ordering and UPS delivery! Quick and very thorough service by Yvette, great cargo bike!

John Boston, MA


This cargo bicycle is for me and my family the quickest way to bring my kids to daycare! It is safe, healthy and the green alternative to driving my car!

Sarah New York, NY


So many jaw-droppers when people see this cargo bicycle in the street ! A car stopped yesterday in the middle of the road: ” where did you buy this cool cargo bike??” I feel very trendy with my cargo trike!

Sue Cambridge, MA

Find high quality cargo bicycles in the USA

Cycling is one of the most reliable ways to keep yourself fit and healthy in the big city. Your ride a bike to reach your work, shop or any other necessary location and at the same time you work out without having to cram a gym time into your busy schedule! Cargo bikes take this convenience to a new level and we offer you to explore it by browsing our extensive assortment of cargo bicycles for sale.

Best cargo bikes from the best brand

Babboe is a Dutch brand dedicated to producing the best family cargo bikes possible. The company has made a name for itself with the effort and consideration for the buyers’ safety it puts into the design of the every model. As a trusted and reliable Babboe production distributor, we take pride in updating our assortment with the latest cargo bike models from the following categories:

NEW! Electric cargo bikes!

We are happy to announce that we think that Canada and the United States are ready for E-bikes! Riding up the hill? Riding with 4 children? `The E-cargo bike might solve your problems!

Babboe Curve

Sleek, lightweight and stylish, these bicycles are a compact, fast and easy solution for driving your kids around and doing groceries without breaking a sweat. This is your family cargo bike, shopping cargo bike, and everything you want it to be. Please check the various accessories that we offer to upgrade and improve your bike: comfy baby seats, flashy reflective stickers, sun roofs and many other means to make your trip easier and more enjoyable.

Babboe Dog

A model for owners and their dogs. We are not talking about small breeds like yorkies or chihuauas. Dalmatians, Swiss mountain dogs, boxers – these are the breeds these models can accommodate without causing any inconvenience for you. Tackle large distances with your loyal companion with style.

Babboe Transporter

A real find for delivery boys or small business owners. An affordable way to transport around your goods, do deliveries and manage your job tasks throughout the day. These high quality transporters are designed to keep up with your efforts.

Babboe Big

In a large city a bike seemingly cannot meet the requirements of a busy citizen. Shopping, driving little kids to the kindergarten, transporting pets – there is so much to do and a car seems to be the only way to complete all these tasks. Nevertheless, there is an alternative: large cargo bicycles. They are convenient, they are fast, they are BIG.

Babboe City

Bikes to help you get through the rhythm of the large city. No more traffic jams, having to refuel at the nearest gas station or any other obstacles. Do your daily business and save your time and money. Take your kids for a ride – do not worry, you will not feel over encumbered.