Frequently asked questions

Definition of Babboe 

Babboe is deterioration from the Malaysian / Indonesian word “Nanny / Babysitter”. With the rationale that Babboe safely transport your children and you can constantly watch your most valued possessions because they are sitting right in front of you.

Origin of Babboe 

The Babboe Cargo Bike was founded by a number of Dutch parents, who wanted to have a safe and affordable Cargo Bike. Together with an engineering company they developed the first Babboe Big, the goals were set to build a qualitative and affordable Cargo bike. The first batch of Cargo Bikes met their parents around March 2007. Beside the three wheel based Babboe Big, Babboe now got more versions.

Advantages of design
Babboe also thought about many practical aspects of the bike. For instance the frame between the saddle and steer is very low, making it easy to get on and off the bicycle. Or an easy step to get on the bikes for kids (see also movie homepage)

Why buy this bike?

Advantages of this cargo bike compared to others

Children are in front of you, so you can see them. We believe this is better and safer than when children are behind you. The wooden box makes is more solid than the bike trailers. The box of the Big model is big, and up to 4 children can fit, or 2 kids with groceries, or a large dog and 3 small dogs, and so on!

Kids transport

It’s the ideal way to bring your kids to school, daycare, swim class or the playground. It’s fun, they love it and very safe. The bikes have a bench with special kid belts, so you’re sure they can’t move. Because you have the kids in front of you, they are within your sight and you are always sure what they are doing. Talk with them along the way and enjoy the ride!

Dog transport
Take your dog(s)to the park very easily. The urban environment can be less convenient for taking a long nice walk with your dog. Now you can safely and easily drive to the park and bring the dog the freedom it needs.

Blue pattern

Grocery shopping

Taking the car is in the city not necessary anymore. A bike is healthier and as fast! And no problems parking.








Transporting goods
Bagel shops who deliver at location, Gardeners, City transporters are some examples of companies or people who use cargo bikes to transport goods. The cargo bike can take up to 100KG/220 LBS in the box. Virtually anything you want to take with you that fits in the box is possible.


babboe-curve-cargo-bike kids




Everybody is watching you! Cars stop to ask you where you bought it and everybody smiles even more at your kids.

Should I take a two or three wheel cargo bike?

Cargo-Bikes Babboe





How to make a fundamental choice between either a two wheel cargo bike or a three wheel version:

The two-wheel: 

  • Most likely being used for 1 or 2 children. When an extra bench is used, up to 4 children can be transported safely. 
  • Cycling is just like an ordinary bicycle. It is about +/- 70 cm wide. 
  • This bicycle has less wheels, so less resistance, therefore it also compatible for longer distances

The three wheel:

  • Suitable to safely transport up to four children. 
  • The three wheels give a lot of support and stability: at traffic lights you can comfortable stay on your saddle and it prevents from falling to one side with heavy load.
  • Width is +/- 88 cm.


What is the size and weight?

Babboe BIG fully assembled (with handle bars in lowest position):

Length 7 ft 1” (217cm) x Width 2 ft 11” (88cm) x Height 3 ft 7” (110cm) 

Weight 132 lbs (60 kg)

Babboe CITY fully assembled

Length: 8 ft 4” (255cm), Width 2 ft 2” (65cm) x Height 3 ft 7” (110cm)

Weight: 132 lbs (60 kg)

Babboe CURVE fully assembled

Length: 7 ft 1” (217cm), Width 2 ft 11” (88.4cm) x Height 3 ft 7” (110cm)

Weight: 143 lbs (65 kg)

What is the load capacity?

The load capacity of a Babboe City has been tested for 80 kg.
The load capacity of a Babboe Curve, Big and Transporter is 100 kg.

How about customs duty?

The custom tax and transportation is included in the price of a bike. For accessoires that are ordered without a bike, customs might fee you a 5-8% tax.

Can we order accessories?

Yes of course! As we ship them separately, there is a separate shipping fee. And every now an then we add new accessories! Please see the Accessories section.

How long does delivery take?

Babboe Cargo Bikes will be delivered at your doorstep either fully assembled of partially assembled. Bikes are usually delivered by DHL or UPS. Delivery takes approximately 2 weeks. 

Please order through the website, fill out the contact form or email directly. Make sure you correctly fill in your personal details. It is essential to have your correct address for delivery. We will always do a second check if your address and contact information is correct before shipping.

How difficult is the assembly?

The bike will be shipped to your home address. It has been assembled for 75%, including the hard parts, such as gears and brakes. The remaining steps have been designed and written for beginners to complete the assembly. This is the main reason many customers decide to assemble the bike themselves. Obviously there is always the option of asking a local bike shop to do it for you. Alternatively, we have heard that neighborhood teenagers love to do it for a smaller fee than the local bike shop.

Are Babboe bikes safe?

The Babboe is developed to be a fun and secure way to transport kids. The models are designed and developed in the Netherlands by an engineering company and Babboe chose to pick only high quality materials to build their cargo bike. Beside the materials, the cargo bike comes with some specific safety features. The cargo bikes are tested by an International testing agency on durability, load capacity and safety.

Do you sell the Babboe E-bike?

This is a question we get often. We wish we could sell them all across the U.S., but due to regulatory issues we are not able to sell the popular E-bikes. Please contact us if you are interested, so that we can keep you posted !

Can I put a MaxiCosi in the cargo bike box? 

The Babboe City and Curve

There is a custom made Maxi Cosi Carrier made by Steco for the City and Curve cargo bikes. The seat has great suspensions which is good for the little toddlers. Beside the MaxiCosi there will be still room left for up to two little children on the bench. 

The Babboe Big

In the Babboe Big, the Maxi Cosi fits without carrier. The way it fits differs by what model of MaxiCosi you have. See this page for a clear instruction how to fit the MaxiCosi.


The Babboe big is developed to be a fun and secure way to transport kids. The models are designed and developed in the Netherlands by an engineering company and Babboe chose to pick only high quality materials to build their cargobike. Beside the materials, the cargobike comes with some specific safety features.
The cargobikes are tested by an International testing agency on durability, load capacity and safety.

More questions?

For less frequently asked questions, please feel free to email us!